The Essential And Complete Bali Journey Checklist

The Essential And Complete Bali Journey Checklist

The essential and full Bali journey checklist

Passports, Tickets and Visas

When you carry a Singapore, Malaysian, Philippines, Thai, Vietnam, Chile, HK, Macao, Brunei, Morocco or Peru you will not need a visa to enter Bali.

For all different passport holders you may need USD$25 on arrival (legitimate for 30 days, and lengthenable) to pay on your visa on arrival. Your passport have to be legitimate for at the least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you should have proof of onward passage (either return or by means of tickets).

When leaving Bali, you'll should pay a departure tax of one hundred fifty,000Rp per particular person at the airport. You pay this in rupiah not US currency. Put this money aside and don't spend it on shopping!

Pro Tip: If you wish to keep away from the queues and baggage collecting - use The Bali Concierge airport service for a VIP pickup experience. For USD$50 they'll escort you from your arrival gate, handle all the visa stuff and put your bags by means of immigration - all while you wait at the bar and revel in snacks.

Journey Insurance coverage

Insurance when touring anywhere is a must. Particularly somewhere like Bali, where you're more likely to do outdoor actions, ride scooters and get in the surf. You don't wish to be stuck without insurance. We advocate utilizing a reputable insurance coverage firm, corresponding to Zuji, who's underwritten by Allianz.


Don't even try Indonesia could be very strict with drug legal guidelines, and even has the demise penalty for drug trafficking. There are plain clothes police that additionally patrol the streets on the lookout for sellers and users. Basically, do not even try - else you'll find yourself like the Bali 9 or Schapelle Corby.

Credit Cards

Deliver em but watch out It's all the time good to have a credit card with you when traveling, particularly for these surprising expenses. Bear in mind to inform your credit card company that you're touring, and give them your abroad contact details - in any other case they could cancel or suspend your card under suspicion of fraud. When utilizing credit cards in Bali, be sure its solely on authentic wanting credit card machines - be wary of gadgets that 'skim' and steal your card information. Keep away from places that use the old type handbook carbon copy units - any decent place should have a electronic unit. Rule of thumb: If you are unsure, just use cash.

Staying Wholesome and avoiding "Bali Belly"

Indonesia is a growing nation and as such doesn't have the identical stage of sanitation and health care requirements which we come to anticipate in developed nations. It is advisable to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Flu. It's best to consult your native doctor about vaccinations. The water in Bali is just not really useful for consuming, so to avoid the notorious "bali belly" follow bottled water. If you wish to be further cautious, use your bottled water for brushing your tooth as well. Keep away from ice in drinks from food stalls and small warungs (eatery). However ice from the convenience retailer or from a bar needs to be okay.

Alcohol and Drinks

Alcohol could be fairly costly Aside from the locally made Bintang Beer (just like and owned by Heineken) which is refreshingly Scrumptious and dirt low-cost, and the horrible hangover inducing Arak, most alcohol is very expensive in Canguu Bali. This is supposedly as a result of 'ethical' tax put on by the Indonesian government. Eg. A bottle of Smirnoff Vodka can value us to 500,000rp (About USD$fifty five). So it is a in style option to usher in your own duty free alcohol. Indonesian regulation allows as much as 1L per particular person, which is just not a lot. If you happen to select to bring more and get caught you'll have to give up it or pay a, *ahem*, "fantastic" of anything from 20,000rp to a hundred,000rp and you'll be able to keep your alcohol.

Getting Round

The easiest way to get round Bali, if you are not game on driving/using your own vehicle is taxi and car+driver services. Taxi's are cheap (ie a metered taxi for a 45min journey is less than USD$7), see the bottom of this submit for Taxi companies. Be certain that the taxi is metered and begins at 5,000rp. You may as well get automobile+driver services from about ranging from USD$35 for an entire day - it would be beneficial to tip the motive force on the finish of the day.

Mobile Phones and Wifi

Your individual phone will probably be able to global roam on Indonesian networks, but it can be very costly to make and obtain calls. The perfect thing to do is purchase an area prepay sim card (like SimPati or three) and pop it in your phone - you'll then benefit from the low local rates. iPhones and Blackberry work however you may must get a SIM card that has internet data. It is simpler to stick to the free wifi available at many cafes and bars.

Electrical energy plugs

In Indonesia they use 220V, 50 Cycle and the plugs are dual round prongs of the European variety. Adapters are available at some hotels OR could be bought at Matahari's ( supermarket ) for round 35,000 Rp.

Tipping is good karma

Tipping There'll generally be a service charge tacked onto your restaurant bill. It is not compulsory, however it's good observe to tip your hotel porters, masseuses, maids and another employees during your stay. It does not must be a lot - but you will guarantee you may be looked after, and it might be tremendously appreciated by the staff who only earn the equal of a few dollars a day.